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Stabbing & Burning Pain

If you have been experiencing a stabbing, burning sensation, which is a type of pain that is distinct from dull, sharp, pain. There are many possible causes, including injuries, infections, and autoimmune disorders. These can trigger nerve pain and in more severe cases, cause lasting nerve damage.

What Can Cause Stabbing & Burning Pain?

The body experiences pain due to it being an alarm system that senses something is wrong. When you put your hand too close to the stove – the nerves in your hand sends pain signals to the brain – which causes you to pull back before you burn yourself. When it comes to nerve damage, that alarm system is malfunctioning. Damaged nerves can send false signals, which means you can feel real pain that seemingly has no cause.

How Can We Help with Stabbing & Burning Pain?

We know how debilitating this pain can be and how it can affect your life negatively. We also know that nerve-related problems are often difficult to diagnose. Let us help you with this pain. We offer our patients many treatment options to help find relief and get back to living a normal life.


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