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Suffering with Neuropathic Pain?


Treat Your Neuropathy Pain

The medical team, at Prestige Medical Group, will perform a physical exam that includes a careful review of your symptoms and diagnostic studies to identify the issue. Next, they work with you to develop a customized treatment plan to address your symptoms and the underlying cause.

The treatment plan may include Electric Cell Signaling Treatment (EcST), a non-surgical treatment, during which our medical team injects a Pharmaceutical Grade Nutrient Blend to decrease inflammation and pain. Then, they apply carefully controlled electrical signals which target and help soothe the damaged nerves. EcST has a high efficacy rate, providing significant reduction of nerve symptoms for patients.


This FDA cleared treatment could eliminate the need for pain medication as it restores your mobility and overall function. At Prestige Medical Group, instead of covering up the pain, we work with your body to address the actual pain source. There is no reason for you to live in pain throughout your life. Call our office today, at (941) 362-4000, to schedule a consultation and get back to living a life of enjoyment.

How it Works 

EcST is a proprietary solution for pain, tingling, and numbness associated with peripheral neuropathy designed to create recovery within affected cells. EcST transmits electromagnetic frequencies that trigger the recovery from pain associated with peripheral neuropathy. Clinical studies support these beneficial effects of EcST:

  • Improved function of organs and tissues

  •  Improved communication between cells

  • Increased energy storage within the cells, which promotes their ability to self-repair.

This effective treatment delivers varying parameter energy waves to affectively reduce nerve pain, increase circulation, and improve rehabilitation. In contrast with similar medical treatments, EcST provides both AM and FM frequencies associated with specific physiological effects. These frequencies create vibrations that facilitate energy transfer and restore the ability of the cells to recover themselves. EcST has fewer side effects than any other type of nerve pain treatment and reduces the risk of becoming dependent on medication for nerve pain treatment. Patients appreciate EcST because it’s a safe and highly effective treatment. Individuals who undergo this therapy for neuropathy report decreased pain, fewer muscle spasms, improved circulation, and improved mobility in the damaged limbs. 

Why Choose Us for your Recovery


We Are Experienced

Our Doctors have helped hundreds of  patients in Lakewood Ranch and surrounding areas find pain relief. 


We Customize the Care 

Receive a full examination and diagnosis of your type of neuropathic pain or neuropathy followed by a customized treatment plan of comprehensive care.


Insurance Accepted

Depending on the type of insurance you have or the type of neuropathy, your insurance may cover your treatment. We are happy to verify benefits and help file insurance claims.

Symptms & Conditions

Neuropathy Symptoms & Conditions

Consultation | Neuropathy Severity Examination and Report on Findings

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