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Advanced Care

At Prestige Medical Group we have brought together a team of experts and the latest in treatment options.

Physical Medicine

If you are suffering from chronic pain (in your back, neck, shoulder, joint, etc.) then we are here to help. Pain is one of the body’s primary mechanisms to signal that there is something wrong.

Pain Management

Reduce nerve & joint pain without harmful drugs or risky surgery to live life pain free again.

Prestige Medical Group is home to several clinicians who actively treat patients in an effort to regain optimal health and physical mobility.

Here at our facilities we offer rehabilitative services, physical medicine, joint and trigger point injections, spinal decompression, massage therapy, chiropractic care, medical weight loss, as well as other services to better your physical health.

Increase Mobility

Reduce Pain

Delay Surgery

Decrease Pain Medications

Knee Osteoarthritis Symptom Checker

YES, I am in pain and seeking a non-surgical solution.

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Advanced Care

Debridement, compression therapy, offloading, speciality dressings, and more are now available at our office-based center!

Physical Medicine

From rehabilitation to chiropractic care, manual therapy and beyond we have the physical medicine options you need to start healing today!

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Running a Race

Pain Management

Reduce nerve & joint pain without harmful drugs or risky surgery so you can start to live life pain free again.

Nerve Pain

Numbness & Tingling

Back Pain



Prestige Medical Group is centrally located in Lakewood Ranch and close to both Sarasota, and Bradenton, Florida. As an integrated medical facility we are thrilled to offer a wide array of services to help you eliminate back pain, knee pain, joint pain, and get you feeling better fast.


 Highly recommend Prestige Medical Group for patients that are tired of being in pain."

Fadi M.

I was in extreme pain with my sciatica & walked out of his Clinic feeling great!! The entire office staff is exceptional!"

Lindy D.

They are thorough, caring professional. I highly recommend them."

Nona C.

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